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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

 I'm obsessed with Instagram for iPhone!
I absolutely love to snap adorable pictures of the little bits and bobs in my daily life. My user name is happytobequirky if you want to follow me. I usually follow blog friends back right away.

1. Iced chai tea latte from Starbucks.
2. Enjoying my Saturday.
3. An assortment of colorful roses from Zeth.
4. Strawberry milkshakes are my favorite.
5. George, all curled up and ready for a nap.
6. Pup-sitting for my sister.
7. The inspiration board above my desk.
8. Home-baked cinnamon rolls.
9. Midnight cupcake parties at Trina's.
10. A clean wired hair fox terrier home from the groomers. 
11. Pin up girl hair & red lipstick.
12. Stress bake-a-thon in my kitchen.

What have you been up to lately??

Warm Fuzzies!!

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. Yay for drinks and treats! I think those are what I need right now for a little cheer-me-up! :P

    Oh, and I wanted to share this cute cute cute picture with you: http://cutestfood.com/4750/camera-cookie/. I think you might like it. :D

  2. Loving the last picture :P
    i'm obsessed with Instagram too...it makers everything look so much cooler.



  3. i so wish i had an i phone, just for that app!!but since im tech illiterate, i dont see one in my future:( but i can enjoy your pics anyways. :)

  4. I love your inspiration board!

  5. Instagram should be cool...but I don't have an Iphone :S
    Maybe in the future xD!!

  6. My goodness, the cinnamon rolls & cupcakes are making me drool! I've been busy wrapping up my first semester of grad school! Unfortunately it doesn't seem as exciting.

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