A Quirky Girl's Magical List of Sick Day Essentials!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Being sick is no fun...and now that winter is almost here, we are all coming down with all kinds of nasty bugs, colds, and respiratory yuckiness. I've always been prone to bronchitis & respiratory infections in the winter time. I've had my fair share of sick days throughout the years, and I can tell you that spending a day sick in bed requires a few essentials in order to make the time go by pleasantly. 

♥ Hot tea
Brew your favorite tea and add some lemon & honey. I like to make a cup of throat comfort tea with a honey stick or a cup of chai tea with a small splash of cream. 

♥ Fuzzy socks
Keep your feet warm with a pair of aloe infused socks. I just bought several pairs from Bath & Body Works the other day. 

♥ Coloring books & magazines
Have a small stash of fun things to keep you busy while you're awake. Ideally, you should sleep or rest most of the day, but you will need some things ready to keep yourself entertained when you're awake. I love to lay in bed and flip through my favorite magazines. 

♥ Delicious soup
You need something warm and comforting to eat while you're under the weather. Have a few cans of your favorite soup ready to cook in your cabinet. Throw the soup in the microwave for a few minutes and enjoy. 

♥ Ginger ale, Powerade or Gatorade, and Diet 7Up
Fluids, fluids, and more fluids! Keep them coming! I like to keep a tumbler with ice by my bed and refill it with Powerade or Diet 7Up. 

♥ Lots of Disney movies
Having a sick day is the perfect time to put on your favorite Disney movies. I love to watch Tangled or Wall-e on my sick days. Of course, you have to watch Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin as well.

♥ Electric blanket
Especially if it's cold outside. It's important to stay warm while you're getting over illness. An electric blanket will keep you nice and toasty.

♥ Someone fuzzy to snuggle with
Like a puppy, kitty, or teddy bear. I snuggle with my magical stuffed buffalo on my sick days. 

♥ Raw garlic cloves
Garlic is amazing for your body. I always take raw garlic when I need to recover quickly. The best way to eat raw garlic cloves is to get a clove at the grocery store, peel it, and chop it into little pieces. Take a few pieces of garlic with a big gulp of water or juice every few hours. I swear, garlic has magical healing powers.

♥ Vitamins
 You desperately need your vitamin supplements right now. Take Vitamin C,Echinacea, Zinc, and your regular multi-vitamin. Don't take vitamins?? Now would a wonderful time to start. Most people don't get enough nutrients in their regular diet and need a little help. I take NOW Vit-Min 100 and GNC's Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamin. I also take several vitamins for my anxiety. Obviously, I'm a big fan of vitamin therapy.

♥ Tiger balm
To rub on all of your aches and pains. I always end up with a sore neck and swollen knees whenever I'm sick. Tiger balm has magical pain relieving qualities. It also smells less like ick than other pain relieving creams.

♥ Memory foam pillows
To support your head and keep your comfortable during a long day in bed. I bought my memory foam pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond last year and have enjoyed every sleep since then. My memory foam pillow also helped with my insomnia. 

♥ A comfy pair of pj's
Don't worry about looking cute right now. Put on your most comfortable clothes. I have a pair of oversized shorts and an old Sea World t-shirt that I always live in when I'm sick.

♥ Your favorite television series on Netflix or DVD
I love to put on Doctor Who, Friend, or my current television obsession and watch all of the episodes. It's the perfect time to catch up on your favorite shows. Just be sure to pause the television if you start to fall asleep.

♥ A warm bath or shower
There is something magical about a warm bath or shower after a long day in bed. I like to add spearmint & eucalyptus body oil to the bath water or use a suda-shower soother tablet. Both are amazing for cleaning the nasal passages. I buy spearmint eucalyptus oil & bodywash at Bath & Body Works.

♥ Your blogroll
I love to catch up on my favorite blogs while I'm sick in bed. It's a lovely way to cheer yourself up on a day of feeling icky.

♥ Vicks Vaporub Cream
To rub on your chest and dab sparingly underneath your nose. I like the use the cream rather than the straight rub because it is less greasy. It has the same soothing effect.

♥ Lots of Tissues
Keep a small trash can close to the bed so you can throw away your used tissues. I like to buy Vick's Vaporub infused tissues.

♥ Hand Sanitizer
I like to keep a small bottle close by so I can cleanse my hands without getting out of bed. It's perfect for the sneezes or coughs that get out of hand.

♥ Slippers and a robe
You need to put of a robe & slippers before getting up to use the bathroom or get something to eat.

Get plenty of rest & feel better soon, Lovely!! 

Lots of love & positivity!

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9 Quirky Comments

  1. I've been sick recently.....great list, I will defiantly use some of these! :)

  2. I love your list of sick day essentials! Will definitely use some of your suggestions in the future! :)

  3. Oh, this is really lovely! Thanks!
    I love Doctor Who as well :D
    Your blog is mighty cute!

  4. I love your list:)
    Hope you get better!

  5. Dear Jacque, thank you so much for inspiration! Take care! :)

  6. Definitely using these remedies this season. I begin rehearsing for a big Christmas show this weekend and I'm gonna need my strength! Stay healthy!

  7. I love the Vicks vaporub cream too!! It works better!! I also love Hall's Vitamin C drops!

  8. love your list! im ALWAYS sick, but this list makes me feel so cozy! perfect for the sickest of days

  9. aren'ts vicks vapor rub tissues the best??
    i love them.

    it's so important to look after yourself when you're sick.

    hope you're feeling better soon.xx


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