Thankful Thursday (Late!): Confetti Sprinkles & Fresh Roses!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I know I'm a little bit late for Thankful Thursday, but Thankful Friday just doesn't have the same ring. Whoo, My week has been very busy! What about you, Lovely Friend? I feel like we are all getting anxious for the holidays and life's pace seems to be going at lightning speed. I cannot believe that November is already half-way through. What kind of lovely plans do you have for the tale end of autumn?

My Little List of Thankfulness

My family...They are all so different & unique in their own way, and some of them live a little too far away to visit, but I love my family. Mostly, I just feel like they are a part of me. I wish I was closer to some of my family, especially my Pop's family, but we all live some far apart. I just hope they know that I love them so because they're mine.

Finally driving...My adventures in driving are getting more and more wonderful everyday. I need a few more weeks of practice and some help with my parallel parking before I go take my test and get licensed to drive. I have developed a sense of independence ever since I got my learning license. I cannot wait to be able to hop in the car and drive without having another driver in the car with me.

Late night phone conversations...Zeth and I spent nearly two hours on the phone last night just talking about this and that. I'm really thankful for him, too. He's my best friend and he fills up my life with a million reasons to smile.

Tiny Bursts of Loveliness 

Hot cups of chai tea, fresh apples, Sara Bareilles's Kaleidoscope Heart, warm & purring kitties, Coach's Poppy, my bright pink Victoria's Secret tote, combat boots, patterned tights, fresh roses from Zeth, reading my favorite fashion blogs: Elsie & Gala Darling, vintage cameras, strawberry twizzlers, secondhand jewelry, rose scented candles, manicotti from one of my favorite restaurants, beehive hairdos, glitter nailpolish, biscuits with honey, adoption day at Petco, baking cupcakes for the cast & crew of The Foreigner, confetti sprinkles, cleaning sprees, running errands with Zeth, and George home from the groomers

What are you thankful for today?

Lots of positive vibes & warm fuzzies,
p.s. all images from pinterest

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4 Quirky Comments

  1. Today I 'm thankful for latin music. Listening to it while doing chores makes them so much easier!

  2. I Love you quirky girl
    u have inspired me to create my own blog called
    please have a look I would love your advice!!

  3. I'm very thankful to be working with an amazing cast and creative team for the show that I'm currently rehearsing. It's been a long wait and I'm glad to a take leave of absence from my job to do what I really love, which is being on stage!

  4. Such a sweet list ♥ I'm thankful for music and lovely people visiting my blog and leaving even lovelier comments. I'm also thankful to be able to sit in bed reading on Sunday mornings :)


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