Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over At The Moment!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm listening to John Rutter's Christmas Album and sipping on a hot cup of chai tea while composing this blog. While doodling flowers, mermaids, and unicorns in my journal, I realized that the holidays are approaching fast. I have a tendency to let the holidays sneak up on me. That usually leads to me buying all of my gifts at the last minute and stressing out about all of our holiday plans. This year, I made some tentative holiday lists and even bought my wrappings, baking supplies, and after-holiday-feast tupperware in advance. During all of these holiday preparations, I started thinking about a few of the things I'm hoping might be under the tree this year for me. 

Top 5 Wishlist: What I'm Obsessing Over at the Moment!!

 Red Velvet's Mod Chevron Clutch

♥  Anything from Alicia's adorable etsy shop!! I love her cute crochet critters!

♥ The Adelphi Personal Filofax in magenta, Filofax pens, and other accessories! I've already outgrown my Metropol!

What's on your wishlist?

Many positive vibes & warm fuzzies!

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. I love the shark sleeping bag. My son is really obsessed with sharks right now, so I may have to look into something like that for Christmas.

  2. What?! You want another filofax? hahaha filofax-o-holic :P
    I want a filofax too, and bags, scarves...many pretty winter things ^^

  3. That clutch bag is gorgeous and the crochet octopus is so sweet! Your blog always cheers me up! Right now I'm after a black cape dress for my Winter Ball at the end of term. xxx

  4. That sleeping bag is incredible, haha!
    And the little crochet animals are so sweet ♥

  5. I can't wait to see your Christmas posts:)

  6. Sweet! I am listening to Michael Buble christmas cd. Just got done making homemade jalapeno dip with fresh jalapenos from my garden. For me and my hubby to munch on tomorrow while sitting in front of the fireplace watching tv. I love the camera pictures do you own any of those? I own a brownie hawkeye that was my moms camera that she took pictures with when she was a teenager. Have a nice weekend tis the season!


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