10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love Saturday mornings!! There is something magical about waking up to a day full of endless possibilities. I love to throw some cinnamon buns into the oven or cook up some pancakes before jumping into the day. I always do the usual Saturday activities like laundry, reading your favorite magazines, and visiting with friends. But I also try to incorporate some quirky & fun adventures into my day. And if all else fails, I spend most of my Saturday in my pajamas watching movies on netflix with my pets. No matter what, I'm doing what makes me happiest in the moment.

10 Fun Things To Do This Weekend!

10. Go out and chronicle your random adventures with an instant camera. Take pictures of your coffee cups, interesting sights, and your favorite friends. Put together a collage with all of your photos from the day.

9. Make homemade cake balls. They are like little bites of heaven, and they come with a lot less guilt than a regular sized piece of cake. They also make lovely gifts.

8. Eat lunch at a one of your eccentric & local cafes, and support your local businesses.

7. Create some customized valentines for all of your friends. There are only two weeks until Valentine's Day, which is my favorite holiday. I will write more about why that is later.

6. Take yourself out on a self-love date. Dress up, do your makeup, and go out to eat by yourself. I know that sounds kind of kooky, but it's truly wonderful to spend some alone time with yourself. We are constantly surrounded by other people during the day, and we often make decisions based on the desires of the people in our lives. Show yourself a little self-love by going out and treating yourself to whatever you are wanting at the moment. I like to go see movies that no one else in my life wants to see. 

5. Go see some live theatre at your local civic theatre.

4. Spend an entire day saying only positive, loving, and encouraging words to others & yourself.

3. Turn your nails into tiny pieces of art.

2. Create some inspiring collages using your old magazines.

1. Get active! Jump rope, dash through the department stores after all the sales, do pilates, jump on a trampoline, take the stairs instead of the lift, etc.

What are you up to this weekend??

 Lots of love & positive thoughts!

images borrowed from pinterest

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9 Quirky Comments

  1. I love all of these suggestions! Especially the one about the inspiration boards!! I need to make one of those for above my desk!



  3. I love your #10 idea! A chronicle of pictures of the day seems like a wonderful idea! Thank you so much! Even though it's quite simple, I would have never thought about it by myself!

    I hope you're having an amazing year so far! January is almost over, only 2-3 months of winter left. :) I think about you often and I hope you're feeling well! -send you all my love- xoxo.

  4. I love that collage. I need to do something like that.

  5. Love your posts and your pictures!
    Keep up the inspiration

  6. Wow this weekend sounds much better than mine spent in my PJ's. I use to do fun things like these before kids, oh well nice having memories xx

  7. I know this is off-subject of your question but, I love your blog! <3

  8. wow- i hate sundays but this is really going to brighten my day up.


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