Top Ten Things I Love About Springtime!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(I snapped this picture with my iPhone camera, if you can believe that!! This beautiful cherry blossom tree has been hiding under my nose all winter! I actually pulled my car over on the way to class in order to snap a picture!)

Hello, Sweetpea!! I don't know about you, but all of this lovely weather has me dreaming of tea parties and lots of lazy days out in the sun. I've always had a deep love for the warmer months of the year. There is something enchanting about a warm evening filled with cool peach tea, a midnight picnic, and a lazy tune playing in the background. 

Springtime is such a magical time of the year. I am noticing lots of green grass, colorful blossoms, and birds of all variety. There is a cardinal nest in my backyard, and I squeak with joy whenever I spot the beautiful red feathers flying past. I also have a small hummingbird feeder on my back porch. I'm completely spellbound by the tiny hummingbirds who bravely venture onto my porch to sip at the feeder. 

While doodling in my inspiration journal, I wrote a short list of the top ten things I love most about Springtime.

10. Pastels

9. Roses

8. Gardens

7. Sundresses

6. Tea parties

5. Strawberry Lemonade

4. Baby animals

3. Rainy days

2. Sandals & wedges

1. Hummingbirds

What is your favorite thing about Springtime?

Much love & positivity,

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3 Quirky Comments

  1. The first picture is very beautiful! I can't believe you took it with your iPhone!

    Where I am, spring isn't all that beautiful. Half of the season, it is very wet because ALL THE SNOW is melting. I guess what I like about spring (end of May and June) is THE SUN! :D

  2. I love your list! It sums up what's lovely about spring quite accurately :)Mly favorite thing is the weather, cause it allows you to do many outdoorsy things you can;t do in winter.

  3. thanx for the very seksi picture of a women's feet/toes. im fapping as i type. hotx3.


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