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Sunday, April 29, 2012

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I have found myself really excited about all things related to springtime ever since the first blossoms outside my window bloomed. I love the pastel colors, beautiful flowers, and chirping birds that accompany the arrival of spring. 

Unfortunately, I have had very little time to enjoy one of my favorite seasons while busily working as a stage manager at my university. We are in the midst of an incredible production of William Shakespeare's The Tempest right now. It is chalk full of magical moments, flying fairies, and sword fights. 

I'm also just a couple of weeks away from graduating. The nervous excitement has not set in yet, but I have a feeling that it will be soon upon me. Especially once I finish up with finals and decorate my graduation cap. You can expect some Mickey Mouse ears or a Disney princess crown to be in the mix. 

Here is a little peek into my life via Instagram and all of the things currently making my heart smile. If you are not following me, my username is happytobequirky! Let's be insta-buddies! 
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 My sparkly pink sunglasses always make me smile; I always feel like a girly girl when I travel with my Betseyville cosmetic cases; George is my favorite snuggle buddy; A peek at my work space!

My sister baked some delicious red velvet cupcakes; My owl plush & nightmask; Apollo posing for a tunafish treat; Being goofy in the car with my sweetie while listening to oldies!

 Lots of blossoms on campus; Magnolia blossoms on my way to work; George in his adorable rain jacket; Gerbera daisies from our co-director for The Tempest.

A hippo Beanie Baby to add to my hippo collection (only a fellow hippo collector can appreciate a find like this); A snapshot of Apollo right before he sprang off the couch in hot persuit of a rogue moth; Red velvet cakeballs; Springtime bluebonnets (We are in Texas, afterall)!
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What are you thankful for today??

Lots of love & positive vibes,

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7 Quirky Comments

  1. Lovely! Those gold flecked eggs are gorgeous and the production you're in sounds very inspiring. I'm graduating this semester too and I can't wait to be done. :-) Here's to Springtime, graduating, and color. <3

  2. Wonderful pictures! Your pictures make me quirrrky!!! <3

  3. U haven't done a post in sooooo long!! Thankyou!!!

  4. It's sad to see this blog fading away. I have really enjoyed it though - so thank you for while it lasted! :D

  5. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  6. I loved all your pictures so much!! Your blog always makes me happy :)


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