Hello July: Resolutions for a Month of Magical Positivity!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Some recently asked me what my handwriting looks like so here you go! 

Hello Lovely Friend! I'm beyond excited to welcome a brand new month, although I cannot believe how fast the summer is whisking past us. There are so many amazing things just waiting for us to do this summer, and we still have plently of time to get it all done.

I took a long walk outside today to think & stretch my legs. I always throw on my sneakers & head out for a walk whenever I need some alone time to think. It helps me deal with stress & anxiety. I was thinking about how the beginning of each month is sort of like a blank canvas. You can start over because it's a new beginning and set new goals & resolutions for yourself. I came up with some for myself while doodling inside my pink Filofax today and thought it would be fabulous to share them with you. 

Resolutions for a Month of
Magical Positivity!

Continue working through my blogging rut...I completely forgot how much I adore writing. I've even been writing in my journal during the day. I want to continue working through my rut & overcome my writers' block. 

Get active & be more healthy...I started eating more healthily a few weeks ago, and I have already started to see results. I want to continue trying to be healthy & active. 

Drink more water...because I often find myself dehydrated during the hottest months of the year. 


Little Resolutions

Sing in the shower, take my time & avoid being in a hurry, tweet some of my favorite quotes, use my Instax camera more often, go to the movies with my sister, organize my closet, try new hairstyles, make room for positivity & let go of negative thoughts, smile just because, stop trying to make everything perfect & embrace splendid imperfections, read 3 more books on my reading list, leave little post-its with words of encouragement in random places, and make more time for myself during the week. 

What are your goals for July??

Lots of love & positive vibes, 

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3 Quirky Comments

  1. These are such lovely goals. I especially love the post it idea. If you could leave a few at my house that would be lovely :-P

    I have never thought about setting monthly goals, so heres my first attempt.

    1) be more postive about work.
    2) graduate without falling over on the stage.
    3) to laugh till my sides hurt.

    Good luck with yours!



  2. my goal is to eat more chocolate,paint my wardrobe red,be a better blogger and actually watch the olympics!!


Thank you so very much for your lovely comments!