Hello December

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Can you believe that December has already arrived? It seems like it was just October. Although it has been a pretty tough year for me, I feel that it has zoomed by at the speed of light. Now the holiday season has arrived  and the hope & excitement for a brand new year is swirling about in the air. December is one of my favorite months because I greatly enjoy getting enraptured with the magic of the holiday season. I have already put up my tree and decorated it with colorful tinsel, mint candy canes, and some colorful owl ornaments.  A massive bakefest of holiday goodies is in my near future as well. 

I'm listening to the She & Him holiday album and sipping on a cup of Twining pumpkin spice tea as I compose this post. The weather has just started to cool down in Amarillo, and I'm hopeful that our first snowfall will not be too far away. Scarf & boot weather is probably my favorite.  

I have been struggling with my writing lately, feeling almost insecure about my abilities to put words down onto paper. I have even shied away from writing in my journal. I find it difficult to even write short paragraphs without going back to edit & erase. I've always been a very confident writer, composing my thoughts without a worry and taking the time edit only after I had a chance to express my thoughts freely. Now I am feeling much more critical of myself and my writing. Have you ever struggled with an inner critic? 

I have been in an extreme transition period for the past few months, moving to a brand new city & starting a full time job. The freedom has been exhilarating at times, but often I find myself feeling homesick for all that I have been familiar with.  This has definitely been an adventure. I have had a reoccuring dream about hot air balloons over the past couple of weeks. Always the dreamologist, I feel that this dream holds a deeper meaning for me. Perhaps its meaning will reveal itself to me when I need it most. 

I just wanted to pop in and welcome December. The arrival of December has always felt much like the arrival of a beloved & old friend. 

Wherever you are in the world, I sincerely hope that you are warm, safe, and filled with contentedness. 

Sending positive vibes your way,

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6 Quirky Comments

  1. Have missed you and your lovely posts!
    I often struggle with my inner critic, I wish I was as good a writer as you are!
    December is the best time of year, I hope you are OK and may this wonderful season fill you with festive joy!!

    She xx
    She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  2. Glad things are going well with you. It must be hard moving to a new place. Exciting too. Happy December.

  3. I'm so glad you are back and I love the new blog page! You should never doubt yourself, your posts are amazing, I love them to peices and have been missing them. Hope you have a happy December :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I love your blog so much

  5. I think you are a great writer and I love reading your blog. Believe in yourself! :)
    X Hayley-Eszti



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