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Friday, April 05, 2013

Things have been chaotic lately. I mentioned on Instagram that I checked into the hospital last week due to some complications with my autoimmune disease. I was released over the weekend and have been struggling to recover & get back to feeling more like myself again. I went back to work on Tuesday & plan to return to working out at the gym next week. It's been kind of tough getting back into my normal routines, and I have been battling terrible headaches and fatigue for the past couple of days. It's been a challenge to stay positive, but I'm motivated and determined to push forward. I also have a really wonderful support system with my fiance and family. In addition, I talk to my older sister every single day and that seems to keep my spirits high. She has always been the best person to cheer me up.

 Living with a chronic illness has been one of the most difficult obstacles I have faced in my life. As an outlet, I first starting writing & journaling when I was informed about my autoimmune disease back in 2009. I have struggled with illness for most of my life, but I was finally able to put a name to what was going on with my body. Ever since I was diagnosed, I have used my illness as the motivation to stay positive and encourage others to do the same. Being chronically ill has revealed to me what I'm capable of dealing with and showed me a stronger & braver side of myself. Don't get me wrong...it's far from glamorous and there have been some really tough days along the way, but it has also pushed me further than I thought I was capable and made me a stronger person.

I rarely talk about my illness because I'm just not one of those people who wants to call attention to the fact that I'm chronically ill. I talk about it from time to time because I want to share parts of my life and connect with others who may be struggling with their own health problems, but it's not because I want sympathy or attention. It's not always easy to share these vulnerable parts of myself, especially when there are people out there who simply do not understand and tend to say hurtful things just because they can. But it's worth it to deal with a few rude people because there are so many amazing & wonderful people out there who genuinely care.

I've been writing non-stop in an old composition notebook covered in lots of whimsical animals for the past few weeks. It has been such a wonderful way to let out some of my frustrations and vent to someone who will accept me & not judge me for my feelings or opinions. I popped into a stationary store yesterday and picked up a fancy leather bound journal. I've not a big leather fan because I have a sensitivity towards animals, so it was kind of a stretch for me but I was tempted by the lovely journals and my old notebooks have a tendency to fall apart. I also busted out my fancy pens and started writing almost immediately. It has been extremely therapeutic to just write and write without any worries or inner critics.

If you have ever dealt with health problems or have family/friends who struggle with illness, I would love to hear from you. It's actually the most wonderful feeling to make a connection with someone who truly understands what you are going through.

Lots of positive vibes & warm fuzzies,


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6 Quirky Comments

  1. Hope you start to feel better!

  2. Hope things will get better for you. My mom and middle daughter both have autoimmune issues. My mom has Rhumetoid Arthritis and my daughter has Lupus. Both cases are very severe. You are right...there will be better days then others and days that are much harder then you think you can handle,but with faith and a support system you will get through this. It is so sweet for you to share your story and let others know they to are not alone. My mom and my daughter as well as myself are sending you hugs. Stay strong and positive, but don't forget to lean on your support people when you need to. hugs to you sweetie.

  3. Aww! I'm glad you are feeling better! :) and I totally agree there is no better way to help yourself through than writing away completely uncensored from your own mind and everyone elses! :) Stay positive lovely!

    Janet xxx

  4. Hi Jaque. I hope you get well soon. I also have an autoimmune illness called Hashimoto Thyreoiditis.
    I´m also "a little bit thankful" for it. It showed me how to treat my body the best. How to take care about me and my health and it absolutely changes my mind when it comes to food.
    There is this inner voice now, which tells me what to eat and what to better not.

    With Hashimoto it's the very best to stay away from Iodine, which is very hard. Here in Germany they gave it to our salt after 2. worldwar because we had a lack on Iodine. But now, I think that iodisized (??) Salt is less expensive thant normal salt. So it´s almost EVERYWHERE!!! Super hard to stay away from Iodine. So I have to buy and cook and eat fresh food, and ... what could be better for your body :)

    So get well soon and stay as super positive as you are. I send you love and energy ;)

  5. Hi Jauque, I really hope you get well soon!
    I myself have been going to hospital a lot lately and it is as if my doctors suguory is my second home! However your post has helped me try to stay postive and realise that instead of feeling low I should work on ways to keep myself healthy so it doesn't happen again!
    Thanks again and sending you love and energy! :) ♥

  6. Hi Jacque, I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello! More recently I started struggling with chronic health issues, too, which I've written a little about in more detail on my blog. Just wanted to let you know I know where you're coming from, appreciate your positivity and wish you well!! - Sarah


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