The Adventures of an iPhoneographer 2nd Edition

Monday, April 29, 2013

1) My inner Martha Stewart comes out in full force during the warmer month & I've become OBSESSED with flower arranging. 2) I had my very first experience with In' N' Out burger while I was in Dallas last weekend for my bachelorette party. 3) Apollo has been stalking me all over my apartment & following me every where I go. It's cute but kinda creepy, too. 4) I love the blue skies of springtime. 5) Shopping for orchids. 6) My sister bought me the cutest gelly owl phone case that I've been obsessed with. She's my favorite person in the world. 7) George is finally starting to feel better. He has been under the weather for nearly a week, and I finally rushed him to the vet after he stopped eating for some meds. He is my little fur baby, so it was very difficult to see him feeling so poorly. 8) My bridesmaids took my to see Wicked in Dallas last weekend for my bachelorette party. I had such a wonderful time. 9) Zeth took me to a retro ice cream parlor close to his work the other day and we had ice cream sundaes.

1) The lovely blossoms of the bradford pear trees around my neighborhood.  2) A snippet of my work space. 3) My obsession with owls continues with these adorable owl hooks. 4) George being the best co-pilot during a 6 hour solo voyage to visit my mom & sister.

 1) The lovely flowers my fiance surprised me with to cheer me up after being sick & going to the hospital. 2) The adorable George in a doggie nest I built him while he was under the weather. 3) I baked some strawberry & chocolate cupcakes for my co-workers. 4) My future sister-in-law surprised me with the most adorable owl earrings. You can't really see them in the pictures but they make me smile anytime I wear them. 5) Drooling over the colorful Kitchenaid mixers while registering for my wedding. 6) Dr. Who socks...Need I say more? 7) My bridesmaids found the cutest buttons for my bachelorette party. 8) Posing with Ana, one of my adorable bridesmaids, during dinner on my bachelorette weekend. 
 I have not shared my iPhone pictures in what seems like forever. Just like most of my fellow blog authors, I'm pretty much obsessed with snapping iPhone/smartphone pictures and sharing them on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, we should definitely be Insta-friends! My user name is happytobequirky, and I post a lot of pictures of my wire fox terrier, George.  I obsessively log on to Instagram every morning when I'm trying to wake up and heart a bazillion pictures while sipping a mug of hot coffee. It is actually the highlight of my morning because I'm definitely not a morning bird. 

I have always loved being able to capture my daily life with iPhone images. Although some of my pictures tend to have poor quality, it's still fun to look back and remember what was going on in my life at the time. I do need to make an effort to use my Nikon SLR camera more often. Sadly, I'm not in habit of pulling it out to snip pictures like a lot of other bloggers. I'm currently working on a blog post all about my camera shyness which will explain what I'm talking about in more detail and present some suggestions for anyone struggling with the same issue. 

This week I want to bust out my SLR and take more photos. My wedding is a little less than one month away, so I also have a bazillion wedding related errands to run. 

Sending lots of positive vibes your way,

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  1. Cute pictures very colorful

  2. so happy to read your lovely posts again! they brighten up a hard day =]

  3. Love the photos!! I love getting a glimpse into other bloggers' lives :D

    Good luck on all your wedding errands!

  4. Great photos! Love the fun flower pics. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  5. Love the photo of the white blossoms. - Tasha xxx

  6. Sounds like youve been up to lots of fun. Big fan of your blog too by the way. Love your photographs so much! xxx


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