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Friday, June 28, 2013

 Oh my goodness...It is FINALLY Friday! I promise you, I was certain I would not make it through this week as it trudged along at a snail's pace. On Tuesday, I found myself whining to my husband about the fact that we weren't even halfway through the week. Thankfully, Friday has finally arrived.

Also, isn't it just a little bit weird for me to call Zeth my husband? We have been officially married for an entire month! We actually call each other Hubs & Wifey. I sort of love it, too. I've been way too swamped (and sick...geeze louise, I have another sinus infection) to even think about cracking open my wedding photo archives. We also desperately need to write and mail out thank you cards. I would love to say that we are just a bunch of slackers, but that couldn't be further from the case. We have just been extremely busy and everything wedding related has gone on the back burner now that we are actually married.

Poor Zeth is stuck in class this summer. He has to take two more undergrad classes in Chemistry and Statistics before he can start graduate work in speech therapy. If haven't been reading for a while, Zeth is working on a second Master's degree in speech pathology. He is going to be a speech therapist in two years. Both his undergrad and first Master's degree are in English, but he switched gears and decided on a different career. We moved to Amarillo at the end of the summer last year so he could take some levelling courses this past year before starting work on another Master's degree. So, he is pretty much the smartest person I know. But he isn't one of those snobby academic types. He is wonderfully down to Earth while being completely brilliant (at least in my opinion).

If you have every suffered through summer classes, you know how hellish this has been for him. Last summer, I had to take two sections of advanced Spanish and public speaking. It was completely awful to drudge into class every day when all I wanted to do was lay poolside and enjoy the summertime. Summer is also the worst time to take any classes you are dreading. So, I definitely feel his pain.

Being married has been somewhat of an adjustment, but it's actually been pretty wonderful. I'm planning on changing my last name from Stewart to Collom once the dust has settled a little bit. We are also still working on some the technical changes like getting our bank accounts coordinated, but we are just really excited to have finally made it through the wedding. Our focus has been on building a solid foundation for a marriage. We know our marriage will never be 100% perfect, but we want to make each other and our relationship with each other a priority. We have been two peas in a pod ever since we started dating so the adjustment to married life has been less for us than most newlyweds.

I am still trying to hang in there when it comes to being well. I have had a couple of severe autoimmune flareups this month, but I'm making my best effort to stay healthy & positive. I go to bed early nearly every night, eat healthily, and try to get active every day. I have been struggling with some chronic pain for the past few months. It's been a lot of headaches, back aches, and general joint pain. I'm not a big fan of medication, so I've been taking some anti-inflammatory medicine sparingly when the pain is unbearable. I feel that the hardest part of living with a chronic illness is keeping a positive attitude. I have good days & bad days, but I try my best not to let my illness take over my life.
Zeth and I had an amazing time two weeks ago when we travelled down to the metroplex area (the area around Dallas and Fort Worth) to see She & Him in concert. We ended up standing in the orchestra pit for the entire concert. While it was kind of pain to stand for nearly 4 hours, it was actually pretty amazing to be 4 feet away from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. We arrived quite early to ensure we would be as close to the stage as possible. If not for a protective bar in place, we would have been within inches of the band. Zeth was slightly jealous, but all of the girls in the audience including myself swooned over M. Ward. He is actually really dreamy. They didn't play my favorite She & Him song, Lingering Still, but it was still a lovely experience. I thought they sounded amazing live. We also discovered The Secret Sisters, an incredibly talented duo of sisters that opened for She & Him. We both melted during their version of Tonight You Belong to Me.

I'm really interested in developing my photography skills. I'm working my way through a couple of photography e-courses right now. I've written about my fascination with photography before. Unfortunately, I'm an extremely shy photographer. What I mean is that I hate snapping pictures if there is anyone around to notice me doing so. It's kind of lame. Just yesterday, I was on my front porch trying to snap a picture of the sky, and someone walked by & took notice of what I was doing. I just hate that. My husband pointed out to me that I hate it when anyone watches me work in general. I absolutely detest it when someone reads over my shoulder while I'm typing. It's actually kind of embarrasing that I have barked at people for simply walking past me because I was certain they were reading my writing. I can be such a paranoid weirdo.

 In other news, I finally decided to get a shorter haircut. I've been wanting to cut my hair dramatically shorter for the past few months, but I also wanted my hair to be longer until after the wedding. I spotaneously decided to get my hair chopped off last week without telling my husband first. I can be so random for someone as organized and methodical as I am. I ended up having 10 inches taken. My hair feels wonderful now that some of the weight and dead ends have been cleared out. I have the thickest hair ever, so it was nice to have it thinned a little bit. Thankfully, Zeth absolutely loves my new haircut.

What have you been up to lately??

Lots of love and positive energy,

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  1. You always make life seem so wonderful. Thanks for you update and congratulations!

  2. I'm the same about people watching me take photos and working and even typing!!
    Love the new hair!! xx

  3. You look so pretty, and I am very happy for you!
    Hope you feel better soon xx ♥

  4. Try adding some chia seeds to your diet, sprinkle them on salads, in smoothies, etc. They are great for inflammation and joint pain!

  5. Congratulations on getting married! Also I know that feeling of being worried about people watching while you're taking photos, I just gradually started to get my camera out whenever big groups of people were around and got more comfortable with it. - Tasha xxx


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